Staff Picks

Amanda, bookseller, Brooklyn

Most recent staff pick: Dumplin' Days by Grace Lin

I cannot recommend this book enough! The third in a biographical trilogy, Dumpling Days tells the story of the summer Grace Lin and her family spent in Taiwan learning about Taiwanese culture, art, and her family's personal history. Lin's reflections on what it means to live between two cultures is beautifully nuanced and moving. And finally, the food writing is DELICIOUS. Be prepared to crave dumpling for the duration of the book!

Deidre, Operations Director, Jersey City & Brooklyn

Most recent staff pick: The Confessions of Frannie Langton by Sara Collins

Frannie is a character that Sara Collins forces you to keep with you long after you finish this book. Collins manages to cover the scope of slavery through bot an international and interdisciplinary lenses that uncovers yet another horrifying aspect to this time period. Not only do we follow Frannie Langton from the plantations of Jamaica to the foggy streets of London, we also learn of the psychological and scientific practices developed to keep people of color in subordinate positions in the most terrible of ways. Frannie Langton's story is one of true survival, but not one of a slave girl who had no autonomy but an enslaved woman who would not let her soul be put to rest without her truth being laid bare however it may be perceived. Though several generations apart, there is too much I could relate to in Frannie Langton and I can not stop talking about her! Anyone who reads her testimony will love her too!

TiffanyStaff Director, Brooklyn and Jersey City

Most recent staff pick: The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

Wine, peeping toms, film noir overload and…. a murdered neighbor?! All a recipe for a juicy mystery novel. Anne Fox is confined to the walls of her beautiful Harlem home, but rest assured, it’s never a dull moment for Dr. Fox! If you were into The Woman on the Train, then surely you’ll enjoy The Girl in the Window.


Kim, bookseller, Brooklyn

Most recent staff pick: The Strange Fascinations Of Noah Hypnotik by David Arnold

Before I start talking about the amazing story inside, can we please take a moment to obsess over this cover? Yes? Cool. Moving on, this book's use of magical realism is a bit of a departure from Arnold's other more contemporary works but the risk pays off. I loved how off-kilter things become for Noah. This book is overflowing with great references and entertaining moments, so much so that you'll wind up just binge-reading it. Perfect for YA fans who enjoyed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!


Jeff, bookseller, Brooklyn

Most recent staff pick: Run River by Halle Joan Didion 

This book is Joan Didion's first, a dishy exposure of the bleak marriage of two wealthy scions of California landowning families. Falling somewhere between The Great Gatsby--in its nostalgic depiction of troubled, striving privilege--and The Grapes of Wrath--as a crucial entry in the mythology of California--people have somehow resisted calling it The Grapes Gatsby. Not sure how. As an almost-sixty-year-old novel alongside Didion's better known works like Play It As It Lays, Slouching Toward Bethlehem, and The Year of Magical Thinking, it can stand outside the shadow of the author's reputation as a truly gorgeous novel.


Mikebookseller, Jersey City

Most recent staff pick: Necessary People by Anna Pitoniak

This sleek, ruthless yarn about a rich girl-poor girl friendship that turns feverishly competitive is psychologically masterful and relentlessly gripping, with an acute eye for the telling details of class and upbringing in 21st century NYC.

Mustafa, bookseller, Jersey City

Most recent staff pick: Vicious by Victoria Schwab

Not your typical hero story. In fact, it's quite hard to determine just who is actually the villain and who's the hero. On one hand you have Eli who feels as though he has been blessed and goes around killing in the name of religion. On the other, you have Victor who has a unhealthy obsession with revenge and will do anything to get it. In a story of friends turned enemies, you won't be able to put this book down.

Evelyn, bookseller, Jersey City

Most recent staff pick: Sorcery Of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

Demons, witches, spells, and a slow burning romance, this book was every bit as enjoyable as it was addicting. Sorcery of Thorns is equal parts whimsical, flirtaious, and exciting , while still managing to deliver a very eerie and dark feel on more than one occasion. I found myself wanting more and more the deeper I delve into this world of sorcery and magic. Sorcery of Thorns has some very unique qualities and characters I have not seen in a long time and I can not wait to see what Margaret has in store next! 


Victoria, bookseller, Jersey City

Most recent staff pick: One Day In December by Josie SIlver 

Let me set the scene: Laurie is convinced she sees the love of her life outside her bus window, but her bus drives away before they get the chance to meet. She spends a year looking for him. Eventually, she finds him in the worst, most awkward way possible: her best friend Sarah introduces bus boy — formally known as Jack — as her new boyfriend. One Day in December follows the characters over ten years, as they navigate their complicated love lives and even more complicated friendships. Whether I’m reading this book in the winter or summer, I can’t put it down. If you’re a fan of juicy love triangles, chances are, you won’t either.

Lorenzo, bookseller, Jersey City

Most recent staff pick: Al Que Quiere! by William Carlos Williams

As the weather warms up here in New Jersey, I gravitate towards a hometown poet who reminds me of our state's beauty during Spring. William Carlos Williams writes in a simple style that elevates the mundane to the sublime. Some of my favorite poems in this collection are "Pastoral" (the first one), "Tract," and "Winter Quiet." If you're looking to fall in love with the world around you, take a trip to the park, find a nice bench, and read Al Que Quiere!

Ashante, bookseller, Jersey City

Most recent staff pick: Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan

Manhattan Beach opens in Brooklyn during the Great Depression. Anna Kerrigan, nearly twelve years old, accompanies her father to the house of Dexter Styles, a man who, she gleans, is crucial to the survival of her father and her family. Years later, her father has disappeared and the country is at war.


Eliza, Programs Manager, Jersey City & Brooklyn

Most recent staff pick: Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This book reads like the juiciest episode of Behind the Music you've ever seen in your life--there's romance, addiction, sleazy managers, tension in the band, and more addiction. Its only flaw is that you can't actually listen to the Six, who were apparently the band of the '70s. I finished it in two sittings while listening to the Star Is Born soundtrack, an experience I highly recommend for anyone else with strong opinions about Rumours.


Will, bookkeeper, Jersey City

Most recent staff pick: Venom: Lethal Protector Prose by James R Tuck

An adaptation of the 90s comic of the same name and the original story that the Venom movie drew some inspiration from. This is one of my favorite stories to involve the Eddie Brock version of Venom. Violent, a bit crazy, and trying his hardest to be a hero to the people of San Francisco they battle the Life Foundation and a group of killer cloned symbiotes of their own to protect the homeless of the city.

Yadira, bookseller, Jersey City

Most recent staff pick: Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

I never thought I would get to say, "a story about lesbian rebels!" and yet, here we are. If you're looking for a fantastical dystopian that deals with a rigid caste system, demons, and a growing rebelion then you're going to love - LOVE - Girls of Paper and Fire! This book has a little bit of everything: war, espionage, and a steamy lesbian romance. I'm already eagerly anticipating the next installment of what is sure to be a great series. TW: sexual assault

Chazz, bookseller, Jersey City

Most recent staff pick:

Peanut Butter Dogs by Greg Murray

Just when you thought you were about to embark on an even lower descent into your existential crisis here comes a book, no.... a chronicling of reasons to continue living and fighting the good fight. It's a historical record of some of the most important figures of our time complete with high quality photos and intimate details of their attributes and contributions to society. They act as examples for how we should compose ourselves as well as react in any given situation or any political climate. To this day they continue to perfect the legacy they want to leave behind while continuously making positive impacts on the world around us. You will remember, acknowlege, and appreciate them and what they do the next time you open a jar of Skippy.


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Melody, bookseller, Jersey City

Most recent staff pickBaby Monkey, Private Eye by Brian Selznick and David Serlin

Baby Monkey is here to help! Need help finding your pizza, jewels, or spaceship? He can do it... as soon as he figures out how to put on his pants. An adorably hilarious early reader book that will give you the feeling of a chapter book without all the words.

Christine, owner

Most recent staff pick: Modern Lovers by Emma Straub (ebook available)

Emma's newest book feels like it was written just for me. Two couples that have been friends for two decades, going through the growing pains of marriage and friendship, raising kids into all resonated with me. I flew through this book, enjoying both the moments reliving my teenage years with Harry and Ruby as well as the familiarity and frustrations of a long-term marriage with Zoe, Jane, Elizabeth and Andrew. I have a feeling this is going to be this year's summer read. (Christine)

Adrian, formerly the world's only illiterate bookseller, who has moved up to chapter books

Most recent staff pickThe Myster of the Gold Coin by Harper Paris 

This is the first book in the Greetings From Somewhere series and a great pick for beginning chapter.

Vivi and Cora, resident babies

Most recent staff pick: Everywhere Babies by Susan Myers