Pre-order MOCKINGJAY to attend our midnight release party!

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First it was The Hunger Games. Then it was Catching Fire. And now the trilogy completes with Mockingjay. WORD wants to celebrate the adult fans of this series with a 21 and up midnight release party. Join us!

The fun kicks off at 10:30pm on Monday, 8/23, and ends at midnight, when we'll hand out Mockingjay to all. A pre-paid pre-order is necessary to attend. All pre-orders paid for before 8/16 receive 10% off. 

Things you'll find at our party:

--Booze (perhaps a signature Haymitch cocktail?) and homemade bread (go Team Peeta!)

--Trivia (because all nerdy midnight release parties require trivia contests)

--Prizes (and they will be awesome)

--Archery (of the Nerf variety)

--Katniss lookalike contest (and now you finally have your excuse to cosplay The Hunger Games)

We'll see you there!

Please note: there is no need to enter shipping information for this item. There is no physical ticket and you will receive your book at midnight, 8/24. If purchasing before 8/16, discount will not show during checkout, but will be applied when we process the order.

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
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