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    Nicotine Cover Image
    ISBN: 9780062441720
    Availability: Available Now
    Published: Ecco - October 4th, 2016

    Death can bring family together like nothing else, and that's the underlying thread of Nell Zink's newest novel: extant and created families. Yet what ensues is by turns raucous, hilarious, occasionally sexy, occasionally nerve-wracking, and all takes place just over the Hudson: Jersey City. Penny rebelled against her Kogi mother and Abbie-Hoffman-cum-Rinpoche father by going to business school, but caring for him through his death draws her back in. Through mechanisms of inheritance, she finds herself in an anarchist squatter house called Nicotine - by rights, HER anarchist squatter house. Unlike the other houses in her new found activist collectives, the only thing that unites Nicotine is their insistence that smokers are the true second class citizens. When her varying families start to collide - that's where the fun begins. NICOTINE is a skewering, poignant, and accurate portrayal, not only of this decade, but of the weirdness of 2016. - Ashanti

    The Mothers Cover Image
    ISBN: 9780399184536
    Availability: Available Now
    Published: Riverhead Books - October 11th, 2016

    Everything about The Mothers feels like a giant step forward. From its depiction of female friendships to the small town existence, from its strange but meaningful plural voice to its treatment of a particularly thorny subject. This book is a fascinating meditation on what it means to be a female in America right now and the ways we can be oppressed by unrealistic expectations of womanhood and the ever present male gaze. Brit Bennett is an original and much needed new voice in literature that has captured my attention. And I promise, after reading this book, you'll be captured too. - Katelyn

    Problems Cover Image
    ISBN: 9781566894432
    Availability: Available Now
    Published: Coffee House Press - June 13th, 2016

    Women don't get to be anti-heros too often, and Jade Sharma puts bulletholes in that hegemony.  Problems' main character, Maya, is a nihilistic, broody, sometimes self-loathing young woman with drug problems, men problems, and "attitude problems."  Her worldview is gritty and dark but it's also rich and relatable.  She faces the uglier parts of human existence with a sense of humor and an intractable perceptiveness.  A unique and brilliant debut novel!  (Mal)

    The Nix Cover Image
    ISBN: 9781101946626
    Availability: Available Now
    Published: Vintage - August 30th, 2016

    In Norwegian folklore, The Nix is a spirit that takes the shape of a white horse, luring proud children to their deaths. In 2011, a video game addict/internet hero (username Pwnage) teams up with failed writer and shamed college professor Samuel Andresen-Anderson to track down the history of an infamous gravel-throwing "terrorist." Back in 1968, riots rage through the streets of Chicago setting off shockwaves that ripple through the present day lives of a new generation. With richly textured narratives that vacillate between John Cage tapes and lost loves to Elfquest points and trying to eat pinenuts, The Nix is a very special debut indeed. (Michelle)

    Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda Cover Image
    ISBN: 9780062348692
    Availability: Available Now
    Published: Balzer + Bray - April 7th, 2015

    Cyber pen-pals, blackmail, theater, friendship, and Oreos—what more do you need in a book!? There's also some romance, drama (both on and off the stage) as well as Simon's witty and hilarious narrative. So what do you do when you're blackmailed into being someone's wingman while trying to figure out your sexuality as well as the identity of your cyber-crush? I have no clue what I'd do; Simon does a pretty bang-up job given the circumstances. (Crystal)

    Sweetbitter Cover Image
    ISBN: 9781101875957
    Availability: Available Now
    Published: Vintage - May 24th, 2016

    "Let's say I was born when I came over the George Washington Bridge.” What a debut. A lush exploration of food, wine, appetite, and desire in modern New York, from the vantage point of the lowliest front-of-house staff at a celebrated downtown restaurant. Also a refreshingly grown up coming of age story. In Sweetbitter, Danler crisply reveals the complicated nature of class in contemporary metropolitan culture—and yearning to find yourself within its realities. (Camille)