Greenpoint Writers Group

The Greenpoint Writers Group is the resident writing collective at WORD and operates on two levels: open biweekly meetings and application-only Intensives.

Biweekly Meetings are open to all writers who wish to attend. Pieces are forwarded to the group in advance so that the full time can be devoted to feedback. Those in attendance are given first priority to submit work for discussion at the following meeting. Writers must attend at least once before they are eligible to submit material. Biweekly meetings are suspended twice a year during the Spring and Fall Intensives.

Intensives operate three times a year, are comprised of 8-12 weekly meetings, and culminate in public reading events called Local Organic. Intensives are restricted to a small group of GWG core members. Applications open for new core group membership at the start of each year.

Writers interested in applying to the Intensiveshould demonstrate a commitment to the group through regular biweekly attendance and thoughtful feedback for their colleagues’ work. In addition, the strength and potential of their writing will be an integral part of the selection process.

If you are interested in attending a meeting or learning more about the Greenpoint Writers Group, visit