WORD presents: Comics Workshop with George O'Connor

04/06/2020 - 3:00pm to 04/08/2020 - 3:00pm

****SOLD OUT****

This comics-making workshop will be held in three one-hour long installments over Zoom 

Over a three-day course, bestselling author/illustrator George O'Connor will conduct lessons and demonstrations on creating your own comic. George will share information on the methods and materials he uses in his own professional practices and homework will be assigned, so students will be expected to do work indepnedently of the actual classtime. Luckily, the homework is drawing awesome comics, so this will hopefully be a cause for excitement rather than dread!

In short, the three sessions will be as follows: 

Session 1: Creating a character- Students will be creating their own mythological character-- they can be of the Olympian pantheon, to tie into the stories George is best known for, or any mythological setting they may envision. General drawing lessons, such as what makes a good character design, and how to draw the same character from multiple angles will be included.

Session 2: Elements of Story- This session opens with George creating a short comic in demo, while explaining the elements that a good comic, and a good story, need. Panels, word ballons, captions, conflict, setting-- all this will be covered. In this class students will begin writing the origin story of the character they created in the first session.

Session 3: Finishing your Comic- George provides feedback on the students' stories and goes over the technical skills that go onto making a comic (he may even share a few sneak peeks of upcoming projects!).


A more detailed summary of the class structure is available / A supply list will be provided shortly, with an understanding that in these times many supplies may not be easily procurable.