WORD Jersey City presents POW WOWS & POETRY with Evan Pritchard and Oleana

02/12/2020 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Join WORD JC to celebrate the history and poetry of Native New Jersey and New York!  

Pow Wows & Poetry...and the Passion of Eagles brings Native authors together to explore the rich, cultural history of the First Peoples of our beautiful state.

About the books: 

Red Head Band by Evan Pritchard 

This compact volume (along with his earlier "Greetings from Mawenawasic") contains the essence of Evan Pritchard's indigenous-inspired poetry, written over many years. The red head band has long been worn by Native Americans as a way of showing respect for Mother Earth. The contemporary head band and the hobo's bindle-stick bundle both often utilize the red bandana cloth, associated around the world with a simple and free lifestyle, living on the road, taking it as it comes. This spirit of freedom is what this book is all about-keeping it simple! The second section includes poems from the earlier bi-lingual collection "Take The Red Road."

Reflections of a Whispering Dove by Oleana

What can a man offer who has everything luxury has to offer but instead wants to offer you his heart? What will carve out the legacy of your relationship as time becomes a treasure chest of memories? What remains when the Romance is over and all that’s left are the words he wrote? The Poems Remain! The story of Whispering Dove, who imagines the romance will reign and endure the test of time only to learn that in hindsight it would be the gift of Poetry that will live beyond her lifetime. Poems stashed away on a shelf waiting to breathe, waiting to be resuscitated unlike the romance that once prevailed. Unexpectedly,with new breath they're revived capturing a Poetic Affair as vivid as a Van Gogh. Suddenly she reflects on how invaluable and priceless the are. Suddenly, she realizes his heart was handed to her with every poem which now tells their story chronologically, encapsulating what remains of her ten year serenade. Each verse a snapshot of a moment in time, a book with a lasting impression and the knowledge that when the romance is over and all that’s left are the words he wrote, there is no better place to be.

About the Authors: 

Evan Pritchard (Mi’kmaq) is a well known poet, author of *Greetings from Mawenawasic(Foothills), *Tending the Fire(Univ of New Mexico), *Red Head Band (Resonance Books). He was editor of Resonance Magazine for seven years, and is best known as an author-historian (*Native New Yorkers, *No Word For Time, *Bird Medicine). His recent book *The Tappan: Keepers of the River Crossings (Resonance Books) is centered on the Tappan branch of the “Lenape,” and the early colonial history of Jersey City. His poetry was included in a Chris Felver documentary called Tending The Fire. He is also the author of *Writing Is Becoming (Resonance) based on 15 years experience as an adjunct in English composition and creative writing and five years holding master classes in writing.His latest book of poetry, featured is *Red Head Band, containing the essence of his indigenous-themed poetry.

Oleana has recently launched into the art of Spoken Word. she shares her inherited diary of published Poems *Reflections of a Whispering Dove gifted by Def Poetry Jam founder; Danny Simmons (now a permanent volume of the Schomberg Center for research). Likewise, she presents newly written material aimed to broaden the myopic perspective of contemporary Native Americans, imagining a new reverence for life beyond the Reservation.

Lending her image as a Native American Advocate, Educator and Poetess, Oleana's recently debuted Portrait as the Tsalagi Water Spider instates her legacy intrinsic to the newly expanded Exhibition by award winning Photographer *Lisa Levart.

Additionally, Oleana is a NYC American Indian community House member, working alongside Ramapough-Lenape Chief Perry.