WORD Jersey City presents COMPASSION IS WORTH MORE! with Edafe Okporo

10/07/2020 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Join WORD Jersey City for an evening of inspiration, wisdom, and empowerment with Edafe Okporo to celebrate the release of his new book Compassion Is Worth More! Using Your Civil Power to Create Change.

Our modern-day polarized world requires civil leaders who care deeply about understanding the people they serve. If you are worried about the state of the world, you have surely wondered how we might solve today’s biggest problems, such as climate change, or the global refugee crisis.  Imagine leaving your house this morning and driving to work. You route usually takes you over a bridge, but when you get to that spot, you discover the bridge has collapsed! What would you do? Bridges are meant to connect us, to help us surmount obstacles. Great leaders use their civil power to create change by serving as bridges for others. It takes courage to do this, and I want to share with you the experiences I have had in my years of being a bridge for others to empower you to be a better civil leader.

Edafe Okporo is an LGBTQ rights activist, Author of BED 26, a memoir and the off-Broadway show BED26 play. He is the Executive Director of RDJ Refugee Shelter in Harlem, he considers himself a bridge.  He teaches leaders and organizations how to inspire people and grow meaningful communities. He has spoken to world leaders at the UN, educational institutions and Fortune 500 organizations. Learn more about his work at EdafeOkporo.com.