Total Transformation Workshop at WORD JC with Elizabeth Flint

05/16/2019 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm


Learn how to access the chakras to increase physical, metal and emotional well-being

We are far more than body and mind. Each one of us possesses an energy body that houses energetic "wheels' or “chakras” that continually assimilate the energy we receive from our outer world into our inner world. Just like any system, they need to be balanced in order to work properly. When we have stress, illness, trauma or change in our lives, the chakras can become imbalanced, making it harder for us to heal, connect and thrive.

Simple breathing techniques, meditation and visualization helps clear the chakras in order to restore balance and harmony.


In this series you will learn:Basic

  • Chakra Theory

  • Simple yet Powerful Breathing Techniques

  • Potent Meditation Practices

  • Visualization Practices for Synergy


You will receive:

  • A Copy of Total Transformation

  • Practices You can Incorporate into Daily Life

  • Entrance into a raffle to win a free Chakra Healing Session

Elizabeth Flint is a powerful intuitive healer, yoga/meditation teacher and author. Based in New York, she leads global workshops, trainings and retreats, as well as offering private healing sessions, all for the purpose of assisting people in consciously transforming their lives. Learn more at about Elizabeth at



Admission to the entire Total Transformation Workshop series at WORD Jersey City. Book included! 

Admission to one class in the Total Transformation Workshop series at WORD Jersey City. Book included.