Chris Ruen's Terrible Idea (a marathon reading)

10/20/2012 - 10:00am to 9:00pm

Chris Ruen's Terrible IdeaJoe Strummer of The Clash said that "origination is more instinct than intellect," so perhaps Greenpoint author Chris Ruen can be excused for his categorical abandonment of good sense this October 20th at WORD. To "celebrate" the release of FREELOADING: How our insatiable hunger for free content starves creativity (OR Books), Chris Ruen's Terrible Idea will play out in the basement space of WORD from 10am to 9pm. Customers and the curious can drop in and out (and in) as Ruen reads his new book from beginning to end, along with a smattering of very special guest readers. All day long, the Small Black Door gallery will be projecting curated artworks by emerging local artists. Chris Ruen's Terrible Idea will feature free cheese (from Eastern District), wine (Dandelion) and beer (Brooklyn Brewery) at 7pm, with the raspy, delirious author announcing "The End" at around 8pm. It'll be wild, man; like the climax of Peter Sellers' The Party, except the psychedelic painted elephant will be replaced by a skinny white guy in a basement ruminating on the deeper meaning of music piracy. Just try to stay away.

Come from 1-4pm to enjoy guest appearances from a very cool group of actors, musicians and actual interviewees from the book -- reading interview-turned-monologues featured in the book. Will be fun.

After the show it's the afterparty. Join us at Lulu's Bar one block away immediately following the reading. Chris Ruen will be spinning records along with friends/Greenpoint giants Greg Bennetts and Nicholas Cirillo. DJ sets start at 9:30pm.

The full list of event sponsors includes: WORD, Brooklyn Brewery, Eastern District, Vol.1 Brooklyn, Dandelion Wine, Record Grouch, Sound Fix and Small Black Door.

Local artists participating in the Small Black Door experimental projections to include: Andrea Bergart, Jon Bocksel, Matthew Fisher, Matthew Mahler, Jonathan Terranova, and Aaron Williams.

Facebook RSVP encouraged, but not required. 

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Internet piracy: it’s an eternal battle pitting indies versus corporations, free spirits against the money-grubbing Scrooge McDucks of the world.
Sort of, sometimes—maybe not. Freeloading takes a critical, cool look at a near-pervasive phenomenon that involves almost everyone who taps a keyboard: beyond that, it's a reminder of the truism that for every action there are consequences. What happens when we pirate a favorite work of art—a song, book, or movie? And as importantly: what, if anything, can or should be done about it?
Internet piracy has created unlikely allies. On the one hand, there are original creators of content, including artists and corporate copyright holders—on the other, legions of freespirited consumers who see themselves in the hacker/OWS tradition.
Author Chris Ruen, himself a former dedicated freeloader, came to understand how illegal downloads can threaten an entire artistic community after spending time with successful Brooklyn bands who had yet to make a significant profit on their popular music. The product of innumerable late-night, caffeine-fueled conversations and interviews with contemporary musicians such as Craig Finn of The Hold Steady, Ira Wolf Tuton of Yeasayer, and Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio, Freeloading not only dissects this ongoing battle—casting a critical eye on the famous SOPA protests and the attendant rhetoric—but proposes concise, practical solutions that would provide protection to artists and consumers alike.