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CANCELLED: JC: Julia Wertz Presents Tenements, Towers, and Trash in Conversation With Lauren Weinstein

    10/09/2017 - 7:30pm


    We will hopefully schedule, but if you'd like to order a signed copy of the book please contact either of our locations. 

    Through “then and now” drawings and tales of New Yorkers past, TENEMENTS, TOWERS & TRASH paints a raw, unconventional, and often hilarious portrait of New York in all its neurotic glory. From an extensive underground pneumatic tube system build by the New York Postal System in the late 1800’s to the pizzeria that fronted for mafia activity; from beloved bookstores to outlaw abolitionists to a bottle-filled beach where horse carcasses were once sent to rot, Wertz illuminates the stories behind some of the city’s most famous and infamous mainstays and provides little-known backstories to its not-so-secret gems. It’s a New York you won’t find in any guidebook, one where the bustling bodegas, crumbling corners, and hideaway hotspots are not just part of its charm but integral to its character. In TENEMENTS, TOWERS & TRASH we come to see how the city’s dirtiest, ugliest, most eccentric areas are ultimately what make it so beautiful and extraordinary.

    Wertz’s refreshing and charismatic voice brings to life the world within these pages, making the book perfect for the millions of New York natives, transplants, history buffs, and those who have always been intrigued by the city of dreams. Meticulously detailed and side-splittingly funny, TENEMENTS, TOWERS & TRASH offers a unique glimpse into the inimitable weirdness that makes New York City the greatest in the world.

    Julia Wertz is a professional cartoonist and amateur historian. She has published five graphic novels and does monthly history comics for The New Yorker and Harper's Magazine.

    Lauren is cartoonist, illustrator, painter and avid gardener who lives in New Jersey. She has published three books: Girl Stories, Inside Vineyland and Goddess of War. Her work has been included in The Best American Comics, An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Kramer's Ergot, and The Graphic Cannon.

    Tenements, Towers & Trash: An Unconventional Illustrated History of New York City Cover Image
    ISBN: 9780316501217
    Availability: In stock at Brooklyn or Jersey City -- click for more details
    Published: Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers - October 3rd, 2017

    A New York Times Notable Book of 2017