BK: John Marciano presents Whatever Happened to the Metric System

08/12/2014 - 7:00pm

This event will take place at our Brooklyn location.How did the inch beat the centimeter? John Marciano presents his witty history of the origins of measurement systems, the combination of intellect and circumstance that resulted in the metric system's creation in France, and America's stubborn adherence to the hybrid United States Customary System ever since.Facebook RSVP requested but not required.

Whatever Happened to the Metric System?: How America Kept Its Feet Cover Image
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Published: Bloomsbury USA - August 5th, 2014

The system of measurement for most of the world is the metric system, and for a time in the 1970s the United States appeared ready to switch from American standard measurement. The reasons it never happened get to the root of who we think we are, just as American measurements are woven into the ways we think.