Artists' Bookmaking Workshop at WORD BK

05/01/2019 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Join art educator Hayley Ferber for this artist bookmaking workshop hosted at WORD Bookstore’s Greenpoint location. This intergenerational workshop invites community members to create and be the authors of their very own books! 


Artist’s Books: An Intro to Bookmaking

Learn the basics of bookmaking in this weekly series of four workshops. Sign up individually or for all four workshops to build upon your skills. Create a series of handmade artist’s books learning techniques including folding + cutting from single sheets of paper, 4 different types of stitches, 3D accordion bound tunnel books and the beautiful origami lotus book.

***Session 1 (5/1/19): Fold + Cut Learn 4 different methods of folding and cutting single sheets of paper to create books. This includes the accordion fold with pocket and page inserts, the maze book, the matchbook, and the folded zine.

Session 2 (5/8/19): Stitching Learn the 1, 3 and 5-hole pamphlet and saddle stitches to create a series of four books. Stitch together signatures or multiple pieces of paper folded inside a cover to make your own personal journals and sketchbooks.

Session 3 (5/15/19): Tunnel Books Tell a story in 3D by creating sculptural tunnel books. The telescopic tunnel book is held together with 2 accordion folded sides allowing the artist to build layers to create the illusion of depth.

Session 4(5/22/19): Lotus Books Create a beautiful lotus book using origami paper folding techniques and learn how to wrap a hard cover.

*** - This is the description for this week's session! 


Instructor Bio:

Hayley Ferber is a visual art administrator, educator, and practicing artist from Brooklyn, NY with a mission to initiate and support creative opportunities for artists and the community through collaborative partnerships by providing the tools and techniques to guide creative exploration.

Hayley graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Science in Studio Art and went on to the Rhode Island School of Design for her Masters of Arts in Teaching, Visual Art & Design Education. Since graduating, she has been in educational leadership, curator and arts educator roles at prominent schools and private institutions across New York City.

Single Admission to the Artist Bookmaking Workshop at WORD Brooklyn. Supplies included.

Full Series Admission to the Artist Bookmaking Workshop at WORD Brooklyn. Supplies included.