eBooks FAQ

How do I support WORD with Kobo?
When you create a new Kobo account through this link (or through any ebook on our website), you will support WORD with each digital purchase you make, whether it's through our website, through the Kobo app, or through the ereader you purchased from us. 

So I don't have to have an ereader to support you?
Nope! You can read the ebooks through your smartphone, on your tablet or iPad or what have you, using the Kobo app. The important part is that you create your account through us, using this link or by clicking on any ebook on our site.

Why do I have to use that link? Can't I just pick you as my store?
The set-up process doesn't have that as an option, unfortunately. So it's important to start from a WORD link!

How good are these ereaders anyway?
Our staff has been testing them. So far, the verdict is that most of us like the Glo. The Mini is super cute as well, but just doesn't have the built-in reading light.

Does Kobo have any good ebooks?
The Kobo library contains over 3 million books and magazines. By comparison, the Amazon Kindle store boasts "over 1 million books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs." Well, isn't that special?

Guys, I think I set up my account wrong. What do I do?
First of all, don't panic! Then sign in at kobobooks.com. If you set it up right, the WORD logo should appear on that page, or as you click around looking for books. If that doesn't show up, shoot us an email and we can work on sorting it out directly with Kobo.

You can now purchase the Kobo Aura HD, Kobo Glo, and Kobo Mini from us. If you aren't nearby and are interested in buying one, email us at brooklyn@wordbookstores.com or jerseycity@wordbookstores.com.

Want some recommendations? We've got you covered.