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Get Up Stay Up (Hardcover)

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    This is not your ordinary how-to. Graphically indexed for quick reference, Danny Crofts breaks graffiti into its composite pieces: from home made ink to avoiding third rails in any country, from counter-surveillance to the defendants' guide to arrest to a quick note on lingo. But at the end of the day, in Crofts' words, "what keeps us going is the basis of the art form, Getting up." Beautifully designed and incredibly useful, this is an AWESOME book.

    — From Ashanti


    In his book Get Up Stay Up, author Danny Crofts has put together the bombproof how-to manual of graffiti writing. Crofts breaks it all down with the basics for every mission, with solid advice on how to keep a low profile during night time bombing runs, selecting proper clothing, and finding the right paint and caps to pull off tight graffiti pieces. In the introduction to Get Up Stay Up, Crofts states "Graffiti writers have established themselves in almost every corner of the world. Even in places too inhospitable to provide a regular home, artists have found ways to exploit its potential." Now those aspiring graffiti writers looking to get into the game can benefit from Crofts' knowledge and insight about how to beautify their little inhospitable corner of the world.
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    ISBN: 9783939566434
    ISBN-10: 3939566438
    Publisher: Publikat Verlags- Und Handels Kg(getting Up)
    Publication Date: August 15th, 2015
    Language: English