Emerald City (Paperback)

Emerald City Cover Image
By Brian Birnbaum, M. K. Rainey (Editor), Olivia Croom (Cover Design by)
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Set in Seattle, Emerald City follows Benison Behrenreich, the hearing son of deaf royalty. His father, CEO of a multimillion-dollar deaf access agency, has bribed Myriadal College officials for Benison's spot on their powerhouse basketball team, where he struggles to prove himself and compensate for his father's sins.

Julia Paolantonio has recently lost her father to a drug relapse. Her mother ships her off to live with her estranged granddad, Johnny Raciti, during the summer before her freshman year at Myriadal. Johnny offers her a deal: bring him Peter Fosch - tormented college dropout and the best drug runner west of the Cascades - and he'll give Julia's freshly widowed mother a board seat on his mobbed-up securities firm.

When Benison's father is arrested for defrauding government subsidies for the deaf, the Behrenreichs are left vulnerable to his company's ruthless backers - namely Johnny Raciti - forcing Julia and Peter to navigate the minefield left in the aftermath.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781950122004
ISBN-10: 195012200X
Publisher: Animal Riot Press
Publication Date: September 15th, 2019
Pages: 416
Language: English