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The Misshapes: The Coming Storm (Paperback)

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    Fifteen-year-old Sarah Robertson is no ordinary girl she can control the weather with her emotions. But in Doolittle Falls, where superheroes walk the streets, Sarah's powers aren't enough to secure her a spot in the prestigious Hero Academy, not to mention the fact that her mother has become the town's most notorious Supervillain. Instead of acceptance to the school of her dreams, Sarah is marked as an outcast with powers a Misshape. Sarah is stuck at public school, with a ragtag group of fellow Misshapes and the Normals. Sarah's forced into a special class for Misshapes, where she meets a kid who shoots paintballs out his eyes, a girl who can talk to animals, and a boy who is followed around by backup-singer ghosts. Sarah is determined to take charge of her powers and win a place at Hero Academy. The path isn't smooth. Her brother's recent rebellious streak is starting to wear thin, she has an intriguing (and smoking hot) new mentor, and an unexpected romance blooms with the Hero dreamboat Freedom Boy. Sarah is ecstatic when a mysterious figure offers to fulfill her dreams, until she learns he has been stoking anti-Misshape sentiment.

    About the Author

    Alex Flynn is the pseudonym for the writing team of Stuart Sherman and Elisabeth Donnelly. They met at a clandestine book club in Boston, where they broke into a fortified tower in order to discuss literature. They like garrulous Irish writers, Pushing Daisies, Axe Cop, and anything involving The Tick. Their secret lair is currently in a hollowed-out volcano in Brooklyn. In addition to co-writing "The Misshapes, " Donnelly is a cultural journalist who has written for "The New York Times Magazine, " the "Boston Globe, " the "Los Angeles Times, The Paris Review Daily, GQ, " and many others. Sherman is a bioethicist, health policy analyst, and a former contestant on the game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"
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    ISBN: 9781940610412
    ISBN-10: 1940610419
    Publisher: Polis Books
    Publication Date: September 15th, 2015
    Pages: 304
    Language: English