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Trysting (Paperback)

    By Emmanuelle Pagano, Jennifer Higgins (Translator), Sophie Lewis (Translator)
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    "It's as though you had to know the password for our relationship . . ."

    What is love? Why do some people make our hearts flutter, while others leave us cold? A seductive blend of Maggie Nelson and Marguerite Duras, Trysting seizes romance's slippery truths by letting us glimpse nearly 300 beguiling relationships: scenes between all genders and sexualities, including first dates, infidelities, dependencies, missed connections, bitter memories, and first passions. Proving that the erotic knows no bounds, almost anything can be a means of attraction: from amnesia and throat-clearing to sign language, earplugs, back hair, arthritis, PVC, and showers. Combining aphorisms, anecdotes, and adventures, Trysting is a tour de force that gives a new perspective on a question as old as humanity.
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    ISBN: 9781931883566
    ISBN-10: 1931883564
    Publisher: Two Lines Press
    Publication Date: November 15th, 2016
    Pages: 220
    Language: English