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Albina and the Dog-Men (Paperback)

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    Staff Reviews

    First, do me a favor, and if you're not familiar with Alejandro Jodorowsky, YouTube a clip from The Holy Mountain to get a sense of the transformative journey you're about to undertake with Albina. It will be a strange journey, cinematic—by turns vulgar and erotic, sacred and profane—but by the time it is over, you will feel changed. Rarely do I dip into a book and feel so completely transported both in space and time. While it is an occult travel tale in which the unlikely trinity of an albino werewolf (who's mostly unaware of her affliction—or is it her companions?), a strange crablike orphan, and a compassionate but suicidal dwarf seek to procure a remedy for Albina's hirsute condition... and all the men she's transformed, it is also a poignant meditation on the composite parts of humanity and the profound effects of love therein. (Ashanti)

    — From Ashanti


    "Deeply psychological and mysterious, the book will stimulate the imagination of the reader's mind to the extreme." --Marina Abramovic

    "In his latest novel, Jodorowsky builds on his multi-decade long assault of the public imagination.... a fantastical and genre-defying parable of love and friendship.... At its core, Albina and the Dog-Men is a love story about two people committed to one another's survival and to discovering their potential. And, as with life, it is sometimes only through the weathering of a storm that our true capacities are made clear." --NPR Books

    When two women--an amnesiac goddess and her protector, a leather-tough woman called Crabby--arrive in a Chilean desert town, Albina's otherworldly allure and unfettered sensuality turn men into wild beasts. Chased by a clubfooted corrupt cop, evil corporate overlords, giant-hare-riding narcos, and Himalayan cultists, Albina and Crabby must find a magical cactus that will cure Albina and the men's monstrous affliction before the town consumes itself in an orgy of lust and violence.

    Albina and the Dog-Men is Alejandro Jodorowsky's darkly funny, shocking, and surreal hybrid of mystical folktale, road novel, horror story, and social parable, ultimately uniting in a universal story of love against the odds and what makes us human.

    About the Author

    Alejandro Jodorowsky was born to Ukrainian Jewish immigrants in Tocopilla, Chile. From an early age, he became interested in mime and theater; at the age of 23, he left for Paris to pursue the arts, and has lived there ever since. A friend and companion of Fernando Arrabal and Roland Topor, he founded the Panic movement and has directed several classic films of this style, including The Holy Mountain, El Topo and Santa Sangre. A mime artist, specialist in the art of tarot, and prolific author, he has written novels, poetry, short stories, essays, and over thirty successful comic books, working with such highly regarded comic book artists as Moebius and Bess. Restless Books will be publishing three of Jodorowsky's best-known books for the first time in English: Donde mejor canta un pájaro (Where the Bird Sings Best), El niño del jueves negro (The Son of Black Thursday), and Albina y los hombres perro (Albina and the Dog Men). Alfred MacAdam is professor of Latin American literature at Barnard College-Columbia University. He has translated works by Carlos Fuentes, Mario Vargas Llosa, Juan Carlos Onetti, José Donoso, and Jorge Volpi among others. He recently published an essay on the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa included in the Cambridge Companion to Autobiography.
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    ISBN: 9781632060549
    ISBN-10: 163206054X
    Publisher: Restless Books
    Publication Date: May 10th, 2016
    Pages: 224
    Language: English