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Questionable Practices (Paperback)

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    Good intentions aren't everything. Sometimes things don't quite go the way you planned. And sometimes you don't plan. . . . This collection of sixteen stories (and one lonely poem) chart the many ways trouble can ensue. No actual human beings were harmed in the creation of this book.

    Stories from Eileen Gunn are always a cause for celebration. Where will she lead us? "Up the Fire Road" to a slightly alternate world. Four stories into steampunk's heart. Into a very strange family gathering as they celebrate Christmas. Into the golem's heart. Never where we might expect.

    About the Author

    Eileen Gunn is the author of the story collection Stable Strategies and Others and the co-editor of The WisCon Chronicles Two. Her fiction has received the Nebula Award and the (Japanese) Sense of Gender Award. She is the editor/publisher of the late Infinite Matrix. She lives in Seattle, WA.
    Product Details
    ISBN: 9781618730756
    ISBN-10: 1618730754
    Publisher: Small Beer Press
    Publication Date: March 11th, 2014
    Pages: 276
    Language: English