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Infidels (Paperback)

    By Abdellah Taia, Alison Strayer (Translator)
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    Set in Sal , Morocco--the hometown Abdellah Ta a fled but to which he returns again and again in his acclaimed fiction and films--Infidels follows the life of Jallal, the son of a prostitute witch doctor--"a woman who knew men, humanity, better than anyone. In sex. Beyond sex." As a ten-year-old sidekick to his mother, Jallal spits in the face of her enemies both real and imagined.

    The cast of characters that rush into their lives are unforgettable for their dreams of love and belonging that unravel in turn. Built as a series of monologues that are emotionally relentless--a mix of confession, heart's murmuring, and shouting match--the book follows Jallal out of boyhood on the path to Jihad. It's a path that surprises even him.

    About the Author

    In 1973, ABDELLAH TAÏA was born in the public library of Rabat in Morocco, where his father was the janitor and where his family lived until he was two years old. Acclaimed as both a novelist and filmmaker, he writes in French and has published eight books now widely translated, including Le jour de roi, which was awarded the prestigious French Prix de Flore in 2010. An adaptation of his novel L'Armée du salut was his first feature film, released in 2014, screened at major festivals around the world, and hailed by the New York Times as giving "the Arab world its first on-screen gay protagonist." Taïa made history in 2006 by coming out in his country, where homosexuality is illegal. His commitment to the defense of homosexuals in Muslim countries has made him one of the most prominent Arab writers of his generation--both "a literary transgressor and cultural paragon," according to Interview magazine. He has lived in Paris since 1998.
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    ISBN: 9781609808068
    ISBN-10: 1609808061
    Publisher: Seven Stories Press
    Publication Date: November 21st, 2017
    Pages: 144
    Language: English