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Not Funny Ha-Ha (Hardcover)

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    What struck me most about this book was how nonpolitical it is. Instead of rhetoric or statistics, Hayes uses compassion, common sense, and cold, hard, non-judgmental facts to guide the reader through the journey of two women of differing backgrounds as they navigate the abortion process. This largely technical discussion is tempered by Hayes' often humorous illustrations. Both elucidating and comforting, this book is a much needed addition to our national discussion of abortion. (Dylan)

    — From Dylan


    Not Funny Ha-Ha is a bold, slightly wry graphic novel illustrating the lives of two young women from different cultural, family, and financial backgrounds who go through two different abortions (medical and surgical). It follows them through the process of choosing a clinic, reaching out to friends, partners, and/or family, and eventually the procedure(s) itself. It simply shows what happens when a woman goes through it, no questions asked. Despite the fact that so many women and girls have abortions every day, in every city, all around us, it can be a lonely experience. Not Funny Ha-Ha is a little bit technical, a little bit moving, and often funny, in a format uniquely suited to communicate. The book is meant to be a non-judgmental, comforting, even humorous look at what a woman can go through during an abortion. Although the subject matter is heavy, the illustrations are light. The author takes a step back from putting forth any personal opinion whatsoever, simply laying out the events and possible emotional repercussions that could, and often do occur.
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    ISBN: 9781606998397
    ISBN-10: 1606998390
    Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
    Publication Date: August 8th, 2015
    Pages: 148
    Language: English