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Jane Eyre (Paperback)

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    Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte Orphan Jane Eyre is raised by her cruel but wealthy aunt who locks her in the red room, the same room where her uncle died. She is sent away to Lowood School, where she eventually spends eight years, including two as a teacher. Before long, Jane accepts a governess position at Thornfield and falls in love with her employer Rochester, who proposes. But what dark secrets is Rochester hiding? And who really started the fire at Lowood? Jane flees Thornfield, but it is more difficult than imagined to erase her memories of Lowood and of Rochester.

    About the Author

    About the Author Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855) was born in west Yorkshire, England and wrote under the pen name Currer Bell. Her most notable work is -Jane Eyre-. She was the eldest of the three Bronte sisters whose novels are classics of English literature.
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    ISBN: 9781490514253
    ISBN-10: 1490514252
    Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
    Publication Date: June 23rd, 2013
    Pages: 456
    Language: English