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New Romancer, Volume 1 (Paperback)

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    Are you an old school romantic like me? Do you dig history like me? Do you dig online dating unlike me? Computer supernerd Alexia Ryan reanimates Lord Byron through her revolutionary dating app that she made with stolen parts. Illustrated by Brett Parson (current Tank Girl artist!!!!) this title is sure to delight you this autumn while you try to get over your seasonal depression just like me!

    — From Chazz



    He lived fast, died young, and left a good-looking (if a bit bloody) corpse--not to mention an incredible wealth of poetry and an immortal reputation for romance. He was the 6th Baron Byron of Rochdale, better known as Lord Byron--the original bad boy of British literature.

    She is a 24-year-old computer genius with a serious fixation on old authors--Lord Byron in particular. Her name is Alexia Ryan, and her singular upbringing has molded her into the perfect coder to bring the struggling New Romancer dating site into the big leagues. But like a modern-day Prometheus, Lexy's revolutionary software is built with stolen parts--and bringing it to life will have some very unintended consequences.

    To wit: a reanimated Lord Byron, suave and randy as ever, walking the streets of Silicon Valley some 200 years after his celebrated death. Will Lexy find a new love for the ages with this preternatural poet? Or will the forces she has unwittingly unleashed consign them both to the ash-heap of history?

    Comics legend Peter Milligan and acclaimed artist Brett Parson take up Cupid's bow in NEW ROMANCERS, a Digital Age bodice-ripper for the hopeless romantic in all of us.

    About the Author

    Irish writer Peter Milligan joined Vertigo in 1989 with the miniseries SKREEMER and soon became an imprint mainstay, writing SHADE THE CHANGING MAN, HUMAN TARGET, ENIGMA, GREEK STREET and HELLBLAZER. For the DC Universe, he has written Batman in DETECTIVE COMICS and is acknowledged as the driving force behind the "Knightfall" event. He began his comics career with England's 2000 AD, notably its Bad Company serial. He was named one of Entertainment Weekly's "it" writers in 2002. More recently, Milligan wrote JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK and THE NAMES.
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    ISBN: 9781401263515
    ISBN-10: 1401263518
    Publisher: Vertigo
    Publication Date: August 30th, 2016
    Pages: 144
    Language: English