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City Moon (Paperback)

    By David Ohle, Roger Martin (Introduction by)
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    City Moon is David Ohle's novelization of all 18 issues of his cult 1970s newspaper, heavily edited and re-processed. It is offered for the first time as a single volume. The neutrodynes, the satire, the mystery cults, as well as Ohle's dada-seance of Americana, are as vivid and intoxicating and seriously funny as ever.

    In Ohle's world, people (not to mention the many related species, including trochilics neutrodynes and necronauts, as well as cross-species creatures such as the ape of golf) are all part of a continuum of life in which human and animal life forms scarcely differ from each other. --Roger Martin

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    ISBN: 9780999115237
    ISBN-10: 0999115235
    Publisher: Stalking Horse Press
    Publication Date: July 25th, 2018
    Pages: 356
    Language: English