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Meant to Wake Up Feeling (Paperback)

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    Aimee Herman's powerful new poetry collection, meant to wake up feeling, addresses the complexities of identity, gender, memory, and body image. This is a book of surprise, humor, intimacy, fallibility, renewal. Anne Waldman writes, "Visceral, insistent, beyond transgressive...Gratitude to Aimee Herman for getting under our skin, and moving poetry-in-discourse into the feminist present and future where we study and yearn for the salvation of humanity." Herman's work takes you on a personal journey of understanding a body's identity and, in turn, helps us understand who we are. These poems revel in Cummings' forms, Bukowski directness, and Kerouacian playfulness. In Herman's own words, "Walk away from formula, resuscitate the dark inside, look for new bulb of light."

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    ISBN: 9780985731748
    ISBN-10: 0985731745
    Publisher: Great Weather for Media, LLC
    Publication Date: August 10th, 2014
    Pages: 124
    Language: English