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The Loved Ones (Paperback)

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    I read THE LOVED ONES by Sonya Chung with breathless urgency. It was as expansive as I needed it it to be while also telling the most personal of family stories. Much missing American immigration and great migration history was missing for me that this beautiful story helped piece together. From the first page this novel is brimming with prismatic, intersectional moments I was not aware of between Korean and black americans in the post war era. The intergenerational aspect just helps the pages race by as generations carry each other's burdens and triumphs through the years. Fans of HOMEGOING and WHITE TEETH will feel this novel is a blessing on their nightstands.

    — From Hannah


    In this masterful novel of inheritance and loss, Sonya Chung (Long for This World) proves herself a worthy heir to Marguerite Duras, Hwang Sun-won, and James Salter. Spanning generations and divergent cultures, The Loved Ones maps the intimate politics of unlikely attractions, illicit love, and costly reconciliations. Charles Lee, the young African American patriarch of a biracial family, seeks to remedy his fatherless childhood in Washington, DC, by making an honorable choice when his chance arrives. Years later in the mid-1980s, uneasy and stymied in his marriage to Alice, he finds a connection with Hannah Lee, the teenage Korean American caregiver whose parents’ transgressive flight from tradition and war has left them shrouded in a cloud of secrets and muted passion. A shocking and senseless death will test every familial bond and force all who are touched by the tragedy to reexamine who their loved ones truly are–the very meaning of the words. Haunting, elliptical, and powerful, The Loved Ones deconstructs the world we think we know and shows us the one we inhabit.
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    ISBN: 9780984764846
    ISBN-10: 0984764844
    Publisher: Relegation Books
    Publication Date: October 18th, 2016
    Pages: 280
    Language: English