The Book of Right and Wrong (Ohio State Univ Prize in Short Fiction) (Paperback)

The Book of Right and Wrong (Ohio State Univ Prize in Short Fiction) Cover Image
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About the Author

Matt Debenham, whose work has been published in The Roanoke Review and The Pinch, lives and writes in Westport, Connecticut.

Praise For…

“Matt Debenham’s collection The Book of Right and Wrong has everything I look for in a reading experience: engaging characters, compelling stories, and universal themes. But the unexpected moments were what I appreciated most—when I laughed out loud or paused to reread a lyrical sentence or put the book down to think not just about the characters’ lives but about my own. These stories are funny and heartbreaking and dark all at once, yet somehow the author manages to achieve an effortless feeling of interconnectedness, one story flowing into the next. Debenham writes about the forgotten, the offbeat, and the outcast in his beautifully unconventional way, giving voices to those who often go unheard. This is a stunning debut from a distinctive new presence in American storytelling, among the best collections I have read.” —Amy Greene, author of Bloodroot

Outrageous, tender, hilarious, bewildered: Matt Debenham’s The Book of Right and Wrong is so full of life that it’s a miracle the binding can hold it all together. A spectacular debut. —Paul Lisicky, author of Lawnboy and Famous Builder

 “Matt Debenham writes people you could swear you’ve actually met, and your heart goes out to each and every one of them. Even the sonsofbitches.” —Paul F. Tompkins, Comedian

“Inside this book is a universe of painfully nerdy kids and dangerously flawed parents who love each other so much and so badly they would do anything for each other, including lie, maim, and kill. Matt Debenham explores the paradoxical territory of the rights and wrongs of parenthood with sensitivity, compassion, intelligence, and a dark humor that never shies away from love’s unending contradiction. Precise prose, daring narrative turns, rueful humor, knife-to-the-gut vulnerability, and a deeply human regard for even the most compromised characters—there are so many reasons to love this book. —Pam Houston, Author of Cowboys Are My Weakness and Sight Hound

Product Details
ISBN: 9780814251737
ISBN-10: 0814251730
Publisher: Ohio State University Press
Publication Date: April 6th, 2010
Pages: 192
Language: English
Series: Ohio State Univ Prize in Short Fiction