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The Odd One Out: A Spotting Book (Hardcover)

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    Staff Reviews

    This is my new favorite picture book! While
    the illustrations of the animals are cute and colorful, the charm comes
    from how engaged you are searching for "The Odd One Out" ... or, as I
    grew up watching Sesame Street, discovering which one of these
    things is not like the others. As you get further into the book, the the
    patterns/tessellations of the animals become more and more complex, in a
    fun, Where’s Waldo? kind of way. Yep, The Odd One Out is two references good! (Jasper)

    — From Jasper


    Which bird has caught the worm? Where is the queasy monkey? And can you spot the scaredy-cat? Never has a search-and-find game been so pleasing to the eye. Each spread features fun rhyming couplets, beautiful and complexly patterned artwork, and a hidden surprise. A stylish title from the talented Britta Teckentrup, presented in an elegant format.

    Praise For…

    Surely the trendiest creatures in children’s books this year... Teckentrup’s multimedia illustrations have the look of silk-screen prints, with color overlays to create a sense of texture. ... Looking carefully takes patience and persistence, and children will feel a pleasurable sense of reward when, in the case of those lemurs, they at last locate the one — among its hundred-or-so friends — with its eyes crossed.
    —The New York Times Online

    A fun seek-and-find book featuring animals of all kinds. ... The brief rhyming text is well paced, making it easy to read aloud, though this will be a one-on-one share rather than a group read. There are many picture puzzle books available, but this one stands apart because of its whimsical illustrations and well-written rhyming clues.
    —School Library Journal

    In this classic take on a hunt for the odd one out, Teckentrup creates elegant Escher-like wallpapers of prints depicting a varied selection of interesting animals. ... Subtle coloration and textures and thoughtfully chosen background colors give the pages a hand-printed feel.
    —Kirkus Reviews

    Teckentrup asks readers to scan pleasingly patterned images for an "odd one out." ... Teckentrup's mod block-print graphics, reminiscent of Laura Ljungkvist's stylized work, present dizzying crowds of creatures—seals, lemurs, penguins, and butterflies among them.
    —Publishers Weekly Online

    The Golden Age of children's book illustration may have ended in the 1930s, but we are surely living through some sort of extended epoch of graphic excellence in books for small children. How else to explain the profusion of arrestingly stylish books about numbers, colors and concepts? Britta Teckentrup makes a chic contribution to the category with "The Odd One Out," a collection of rhyming puzzles that encourages children to seek and find a single inconsistency in various animal-filled tableaux. ... [Y]ounger ones will take pleasure in spotting the tiny, feathery pink shrimp amid a great shoal of colorful fish, for instance, or pointing to the one cross-eyed lemur in a mustard-colored troop.
    —The Wall Street Journal

    Each page features rhymes along with elegant illustrations that are sure to mesmerize.
    —Parents Magazine (tablet edition)

    Product Details
    ISBN: 9780763671273
    ISBN-10: 0763671274
    Publisher: Big Picture Press
    Publication Date: March 11th, 2014
    Pages: 32
    Language: English