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Spoiled Brats: Stories (Paperback)

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    Twenty years ago, Barney the Dinosaur told the nation's children they were special. We're still paying the price.
    From "one of the funniest writers in America"* comes a collection of stories culled from the front lines of the millennial culture wars. Rife with failing rock bands, student loans, and participation trophies, "Spoiled Brats "is about a generation of narcissists-and the well-meaning boomers who made them that way.
    A hardworking immigrant is preserved for a century in pickle brine. A helicopter mom strives to educate her demon son. And a family of hamsters struggles to survive in a private-school homeroom.
    Surreal, shrewd, and surprisingly warm, these stories are as resonant as they are hilarious.
    *Jimmy So, Daily Beast

    About the Author

    Simon Rich spent four years as a staff writer for "Saturday Night Live," where he earned four Emmy nominations. He is the author of "The Last Girlfriend on Earth, What in God's Name, Ant Farm, Free-Range Chickens, "and "Elliot Allagash. "His work appears frequently in "The New Yorker." He lives in Brooklyn, New York.
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    ISBN: 9780316368650
    ISBN-10: 0316368652
    Publisher: Back Bay Books
    Publication Date: May 26th, 2015
    Pages: 240
    Language: English