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Breaking Her Fall (Paperback)

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    "Breaking Her Fall is a corker-- vivid, brilliantly marbled with harmonies and textures and people vibrant with life." -- Richard Bausch

    Just before eleven on an ordinary summer night in Washington, D.C., Tucker Jones picks up the phone, expecting to hear that his teenage daughter, Kat, is back from the movies. But the caller is another parent, a man who tells Tucker that Kat was actually at a party-- and makes a shocking allegation about what happened to her there. From that moment Breaking Her Fall sweeps irresistibly forward to it's wrenching, and redemptive, conclusion.

    In a blind rage, Tucker races to the party to find Kat already departed, but his full-boil interrogation of the boys still present spills over into a confrontation-- and ends with one of the boys crashing into a glass tabletop. In a second, his rage turns to remorse, and he soon finds himself under arrest. Tucker could easily lose his home and his business, but he is most concerned about losing his daughter.

    Stephen Goodwin writes with insight and rare power about the way that passion rearranges lives. As Tucker and Kat and everyone around them seek to repair the damages of that night, Breaking Her Fall charts their uncommonly difficult passage from despair to reconciliation and hope with extraordinary grace.

    About the Author

    STEPHEN GOODWIN is a professor of creative writing at George Mason University and the author of three previous books. Goodwin has also directed the literature program at the National Endowment for the Arts, and he served two terms as president of the PEN/Faulkner Foundation. He lives in Washington, D.C.

    Praise For…

    “A frank, plain-spoken, passionate novel that got its grips on me. It is,
    in one sense, a page-turner, and in another a true and good story of
    human frailty and imperfection survived.”—RICHARD FORD
    “This summer’s exquisitely rendered migraine is Stephen Goodwin’s
    novel Breaking Her Fall. It’s an intelligent story full of vivid characters.”

    "A corker--vivid, brilliantly marbled with harmonies and textures and people vibrant with life."
    -Richard Bausch

    "Goodwin gets so many things right here. Reminiscent of Robert Boswell, this is a layered, compassionate, extraordinarily graceful novel."
    -starred review

    "The tension in this novel begins in the first paragraph and does not cease until the last few pages."

    "Smart, serious, and contemplative."

    "Psychologically acute.... A memorable exploration of familial love and penance, with a likeably bewildered - and articulate - protagonist."

    Product Details
    ISBN: 9780156029698
    ISBN-10: 0156029693
    Publisher: Mariner Books
    Publication Date: May 3rd, 2004
    Pages: 408
    Language: English