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    Some of Our Favorite Listens

    World War Z
    By Max Brooks

    Whether you’re new to Brooks’ faux-documentary, or a returning enthusiast of the war against zeke, you’re surely in for a treat. The cast of voice actors involved are veterans of the craft and really bring a robust, at times chilling recountment of their experience with the undead. WWZ is my be-all, end-all, go-to piece of media involving zombies, and that goes double for the audiobook. Undeniably one of a kind.

    - Jasper, inventory coordinator, Jersey City

    A Short History of Nearly Everything
    By Bill Bryson

    Bill Bryson's history of science is filled with fun and a sense of wonder. Somehow he manages to cover nearly everything from the origin of the universe to rise of man and along the way he tells the stories of the women and men who helped to figure it all out.  His reading is warm, friendly, and perfectly paced.

    - Kerry, bookseller, WORD Jersey City


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