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    Emma, children's specialist, Jersey CityMost recent staff pick: Through the Woods by Emily Carroll (ebook available)If you're squeamish or easily spooked, maybe you should keep the lights on; this book will make you shiver. In her debut graphic short story collection, Carroll melds art, fairy tales, and fear into the perfect witching hour read. If Kate Beaton and Edgar Allen Poe had a kid, it might create a book as thrilling and lovely as Emily Carroll's, but probably not. With a color scheme heavy on the black, white, and red; stories of monsters and spirits only the protagonist perceives; and a monster seemingly made up of red tentacles and teeth, Carroll has created an intensely beautiful and delightfully horrific book that is utterly unique. (Emma)

    Zach, manager, Jersey CityMost recent staff pick: What the Living Do by Marie Howe (ebook available)Two common concerns among potential poetry readers are that one is somehow missing something in the work, and that somehow one isn’t getting the poems. This collection of Howe’s poems lays such reservations to rest and pulls no punches. Her broader answer to the titular question is that we comfort and conceal, suffer and transcend, separate and rejoin, and through it all emerge with our voices intact. A sometimes harrowing but always inspiring and powerful book. 

    If you linger over WORD’s food bookshelves, reading about restaurant battlefields in chefs’ memoirs, New York’s fascinating food history in non-fiction tomes, and the extreme things that people eat, this group is for you.

    Join a rabidly hungry group of food lovers, cooks, diners, bloggers and readers for our discussion on the fourth Saturday of every month at 3:00 p.m. in WORD’s basement. Snacks and drinks will be served. All books are 10% off at WORD Brooklyn in the month before the discussion.

    If you want to RSVP for our events, talk about the books or share a link, join our Facebook group that's just for this book group. 

    Dakota Kim is a food-obsessed writer working on a cookbook called Bombshell Bakers. Her features and reviews have appeared in The Huffington Post, Bedford + Bowery, Hyphen, Queens Chronicle, Citysearch Guides, Bitch, Spooning, Venus Zine and Vassar. Amanda Aldinger writes about everything from beauty to adoption, but food is her main lady. When not planning her next meal or pouring over the memoirs of food writers, she can be found reviewing cookbooks for Chickpea, imagining the meals of literary icons for BookTrib, and trolling Greenpoint for scrumptious vegan eats. 

    Check out the top 10 bestselling physical books at WORD Jersey City for the month of August 2014.

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