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Sinister Entity (Paperback)

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    "How can you escape the ghost of yourself?"
    The Leigh family is terrified. They've been haunted by the ghostly image of their young daughter, Selena. But how can that be, when Selena is alive and well, and as frightened as her parents? With no where else to turn, the Leighs place their hopes in Jessica Backman, who has dedicated her life to investigating paranormal activity. Accompanied by a new partner who claims to able to speak to the dead, Jessica will soon encounter an entity that scares even her. And a terror far worse than she imagined.

    About the Author

    Hunter Shea is the author of the novels "Forest of Shadows" and "Evil Eternal," and too many short stories to count. His work has appeared in "Morpheus Tales," "Tabard Inn," "The Harrow," and "Ethereal Tales," just to name a few.
    Product Details
    ISBN: 9781619212336
    ISBN-10: 1619212331
    Publisher: Samhain Publishing
    Publication Date: December 11th, 2012
    Pages: 266
    Language: English