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The Sound of Things Falling (Paperback)

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    With the rest of Colombia suffocating in his fist, drug kingpin Pablo
    Escobar opened a zoo. Many years later, two hippos escape. They are
    tracked and shot. This is the haunted madeleine gathering saliva in
    narrator Antonio Yammara's mouth. He remembers a sort-of-friend who was
    shot in the street following a game of billiards: Why? The Sound of Things Falling
    is Yammara's search for answers, and the ensuing pages are tragic: a
    sad, soft-spoken meditation on Colombia, memory, trauma, and flights in
    and out of each.

    — Chad


    An intimate portrayal of the drug wars in Colombia, from international fiction star Juan Gabriel Vasquez.

    Juan Gabriel Vasquez has been hailed not only as one of South America's greatest literary stars, but also as one of the most acclaimed writers of his generation. In this New York Times-bestselling, award-winning, gorgeously wrought novel, Vasquez confronts the history of his home country, Colombia.

    In the city of Bogota, Antonio Yammara reads an article about a hippo that had escaped from a derelict zoo once owned by legendary Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. The article transports Antonio back to when the war between Escobar's Medellin cartel and government forces played out violently in Colombia's streets and in the skies above. Back then, Antonio witnessed a friend's murder, an event that haunts him still. As he investigates, he discovers the many ways in which his own life and his friend's family have been shaped by his country's recent violent past. His journey leads him all the way back to the 1960s and a world on the brink of change: a time before narco-trafficking trapped a whole generation in a living nightmare.

    Vasquez is "one of the most original new voices of Latin American literature," according to Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa, and The Sound of Things Falling is his most personal, most contemporary novel to date, a masterpiece that takes his writing--and his literary star--even higher.

    About the Author

    Juan Gabriel Vasquez's previous books include the 2014 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award winner and national bestseller, The Sound of Things Falling, as well as the award-winning The Informers, The Secret History of Costaguana, and the story collection Lovers on All Saints' Day. Vasquez's novels have been published in twenty-five languages worldwide. After sixteen years in France, Belgium, and Spain, he now lives in Bogota. Anne McLean translates Latin American and Spanish novels, short stories, memoirs, and other writings. She has twice won both the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and the Premio Valle Inclan, and received the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award with Juan Gabriel Vasquez for his novel The Sound of Things Falling. She lives in Toronto.
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    ISBN: 9781594632747
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    Publisher: Riverhead Books
    Publication Date: June 3rd, 2014
    Pages: 302
    Language: English