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You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine (Hardcover)

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    Disappearing Dad Disorder. A family across the street covers all their belongings, including table complete with hot dinner, in white sheets, load into their station wagon and drive away. Recurring cartoon commercials are the main form of sustenance for protagonist A in an unnamed American city/suburb who looks exactly like her roommate B. Or is her roommate B beginning to become her? We're used to satire constituting an exaggeration of society, but what if society has become so grandiose, so precarious, so unbelievable that the only way to satirize it is to swing back around and strip it to its base elements, examining the flesh underneath? That is exactly what Kleeman has undertaken and I am personally blown away. I haven't felt the need to track themes in a modern American novel for a while now, but Kleeman's got me with highlighters out. (Ashanti)

    — From Ashanti


    An intelligent and madly entertaining debut novel reminiscent of The Crying of Lot 49, White Noise, and City of Glass that is at once a missing-person mystery, an exorcism of modern culture, and a wholly singular vision of contemporary womanhood from a terrifying and often funny voice of a new generation.

    A woman known only by the letter A lives in an unnamed American city with her roommate, B, and boyfriend, C, who wants her to join him on a reality show called That's My Partner A eats (or doesn't) the right things, watches endless amounts of television, often just for the commercials--particularly the recurring cartoon escapades of Kandy Kat, the mascot for an entirely chemical dessert--and models herself on a standard of beauty that only exists in such advertising. She fixates on the fifteen minutes of fame a news-celebrity named Michael has earned after buying up his local Wally Supermarket's entire, and increasingly ample, supply of veal.

    Meanwhile B is attempting to make herself a twin of A, who hungers for something to give meaning to her life, something aside from C's pornography addiction, and becomes indoctrinated by a new religion spread throughout a web of corporate franchises, which moves her closer to the decoys that populate her television world, but no closer to her true nature.

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    ISBN: 9780062388674
    ISBN-10: 0062388673
    Publisher: Harper
    Publication Date: August 25th, 2015
    Pages: 304
    Language: English