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Love Is Red (Nightsong Trilogy #1) (Hardcover)

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    A killer dubbed “the Sickle Man” has been set loose in the hot Manhattan summer, slaughtering women by carving arcane symbols into their skin. There is never a sign of a struggle. There are no ties between the victims. Katherine Emerson is living a semi-normal, if lonely, life but little does she know her destiny is entwined with this demented murderer who is collecting his victims on a synaesthetic need for the colors they produce; a shock of bubble gum envy, panic neon orange, all culminating in a red that will change the course of human events. The first and authorly debut in The Nightsong Trilogy; I eagerly await the next. (Ashanti)

    — From Ashanti


    "Ridiculously entertaining.... Jaff's woozy supernatural saga is effectively scary and great fun to read."-- New York Times Book Review

    This electrifying debut--Book I of the Night Song Trilogy--spins dark suspense and literary fantasy into a mesmerizing story of seduction and survival.

    Katherine Emerson was born to fulfill a dark prophecy centuries in the making, but she doesn't know it yet. However, one man does: a killer stalking the women of New York City. People think he's the next Son of Sam, but we know how he thinks and how he feels . . . and discover that he is driven by darker, much more dangerous desires than we can bear to imagine. He takes more than just his victims' lives, and each death brings him closer to the one woman he must possess at any cost.

    Amid the escalating hysteria, Katherine is trying to unknot her tangled heart. Two different men have entered her previously uneventful world and turned it upside down. She finds herself involved in a complicated triangle . . . but how well does she really know either of them?

    As the body count rises, Katherine is haunted by harrowing visions that force her to question her sanity. With this unforgettable novel--one that combines the literary and the supernatural, fantasy and horror, the past and the present--Katherine's moment of awakening is here. And her story is only just beginning.

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    ISBN: 9780062346261
    ISBN-10: 0062346261
    Publisher: Harper
    Publication Date: May 12th, 2015
    Pages: 384
    Language: English