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Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My Pretty (Hardcover)

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    I didn't know I wanted a feminist fairytale poetry collection, and then I read Poisoned Apples. This is the book I wish my 13-year-old self had had; the book that belongs on your shelf next toOphelia SpeaksGo Ask AliceWintergirls. Using a framework of fable and metaphor, Heppermann looks long and hard at body issues, eating disorders, abuse, and consumerism. Some of them are funny, most of them are heartbreaking, and all of them are wonderful. (Jenn)

    — From Jenn


    Every little girl goes through her princess phase, whether she wants to be Snow White or Cinderella, Belle or Ariel. But then we grow up. And life is not a fairy tale.

    Christine Heppermann's collection of fifty poems puts the ideals of fairy tales right beside the life of the modern teenage girl. With piercing truths reminiscent of Laurie Halse Anderson and Ellen Hopkins, this is a powerful and provocative book for every young woman. E. Lockhart, author of We Were Liars, calls it "a bloody poetic attack on the beauty myth that's caustic, funny, and heartbreaking."

    Cruelties come not just from wicked stepmothers, but also from ourselves. There are expectations, pressures, judgment, and criticism. Self-doubt and self-confidence. But there are also friends, and sisters, and a whole hell of a lot of power there for the taking. In fifty poems, Christine Heppermann confronts society head on. Using fairy tale characters and tropes, Poisoned Apples explores how girls are taught to think about themselves, their bodies, and their friends. The poems range from contemporary retellings to first-person accounts set within the original tales, and from deadly funny to deadly serious. Complemented throughout with black-and-white photographs from up-and-coming artists, this is a stunning and sophisticated book to be treasured, shared, and paged through again and again.

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    ISBN: 9780062289575
    ISBN-10: 0062289578
    Publisher: Greenwillow Books
    Publication Date: September 23rd, 2014
    Pages: 114
    Language: English